Home fragrances

For many years we have been complementing floral scents with a zephyr of fragrances for the home. Large and small scented hearts, renaissance floral balls, potpourri medallions and purses to hang or place in the home or the office.  This collection of fragrances are available all year long in our boutique.

Among our selection you will find: Violets of Love, Antique Rose, and A Thousand Flowers.
Refills are also available.

Our vases

The choice of a vase is fundamental. It unites the floral creation with the character of the person who receives it. If flowers are the message you wish to deliver the vase enhances their natural beauty.

We offer thematic arrangements that reflect the person receiving your gift.

Express delivery

To play our part in fighting pollution, we have decided to use non-polluting methods for our floral deliveries.

We deliver to homes and offices via electric car, metro and skateboard. Without ignoring efficiency, our “express delivery” option arrives to points in Paris and its suburbs two hours after we take your order.

Environnementally friendly

Our Policy: When selecting our flowers we pay particular attention to seasonality and to flowers grown in France, such as those cultivated in the Var.

The majority of our roses are of European provenance and labelled “Royal Holland Flora” in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Flowers cultivated in Ecuador or Ethiopia represent a maximum of 2% of our total stock.

We use only recyclable paper for wrapping, renewable energy for electricity and low consumption LED lighting.